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Bernz Of ¡MAYDAY! Talks New Album And Touring [Interview]

Bernz Of ¡MAYDAY! Speaks On New Album And TourFollowing their nationwide takeover on the All 6’s And 7’s Tour with Tech N9ne, ¡MAYDAY! has been busy working on a brand new album, which follows the band after Stuck On An Island.  Speaking to Miami New Times, ¡MAYDAY!’s Bernz discussed the various experiences from living life on the road and encountering new fans.  As for the new album, Bernz added:

“It’s taking from where we left off on the last record, Stuck On An Island. We finally get off the island and see what this world is really all about. We’re talking on everything from beautiful women to the passing of friends. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But it’s definitely painted in a bit of a darker shade than our last one, though.”

With a new outlook on life and plenty of material to draw from, ¡MAYDAY! is no doubt looking to surprise fans everywhere.

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¡MAYDAY! “Stuck On An Island” Release Party Show Coverage

The ¡MAYDAY! release party for SOAI went down this past Saturday October 12th and the homies from Mupalia pictures were there catching some of the hypest moments from the show including all the guests including Tay Dizm, NORE, Mack Maine & Ghostwridah who stopped by to jump on and tear it down.

Documented and edited by Giancarlo Loffredo
Extra shots by Bryan Blanco.

“Make A Livin” f. Ras Kass & Dice Raw

The Roots affiliate and H20Proof emcee join ¡MAYDAY! on an exclusive remix of “Make a Livin”
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¡MAYDAY! — Make a Livin Feat. Ras Kass & Dice Raw

LOST Series Finale + ¡MAYDAY! = Perfect

As the TV series LOST comes to an end, the ¡MAYDAY! crew felt inspired to leak the title song from their upcoming album “Stuck On An Island” (seeing as the topic is so relevant).



Not only that, but as the finale to the series approaches – take a look back at the season that started it all (set to the sounds of ¡MAYDAY!’s “Stuck On An Island.”)

Word to John Locke!

VImeo: http://www.vimeo.com/11822026

Stay tuned for more ¡MAYDAY! treats before the new album drops on 9/7/2010. Look out for ¡MAYDAY! in a city near you.