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¡MAYDAY! – Studio Sessions Episode 3 (Feat. Plex Luthor & Gianni Cash)

Primal Pop Media provides a never before seen glimpse into the
soundscaping methods of ¡MAYDAY! producers Plex Luthor and Gianni
Cash. Discussing topics from their own music theory to the benefits of
working as a unit, this rare opportunity yields a peek into the
creative process of one of Miami’s most explosive bands on the road to
their Strange Music debut “Take Me To Your Leader” , due out March. 27

A Primal Pop Media eye jammy.

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Roberto “BEANS” Granizo

Tech N9ne – Fuck Food (¡MAYDAY! Remix) (Prod. by Luthor & Cash)

Hungry?!? The Mayday! army is starving and recently decided to cook up this reinterpretation of Tech N9NE’s massive single with T-PAIN & WEEZY. Taken from his Billboard top 10 album “All 6’s & 7’s”…. Eat up!      


Fuck Food (¡MAYDAY! Remix) (Feat. T-Pain & Lil Wayne) (Prod. by Luthor & Cash)




Gianni Cash Of ¡Mayday! On The Making Of ‘The Ride’

Following the release of the official music video for “The Ride” from ¡Mayday!, bassist Gianni Cash took time away from the All 6’s And 7’s Tour to speak to us regarding the making of the video, and the experience of working with Del The Funky Homosapien.  Having had a hand behind the production of the track, Gianni Cash was able to give us a real look at how the video came about.

Gianni shared some insight into the original idea behind the video and the complications that led to a brand new concept:

“We had a different idea for the video.  We had Bernie and Wrek, they’re kind of the ones who think about the treatments and stuff like that. We all put in, we all give our two cents and stuff like that. We were originally going to do some like zombie shit for that, like in an office space, ala Office Space.  It didn’t really work out because we had Del for a few hours, and the scheduling with the office space that we wanted to rent wasn’t going to work out, so we had to switch it last minute.  Then, Bernie or Wrek, I think it was Bernie was like, “Dude man, we need to fucking get him in a fucking coffin bro, and video tape him. We’ll just walk around with this coffin, and just have fun.”  So, we kind of just went from there. It wasn’t really like “Alright, we’re going to go here, we’re going to do this.”  We always do our videos very fun, and we shoot a lot of shit. We compile our shit, we consolidate, and we go from there. We kind of try to make some dope shit, visually.  Everything is on the spot, everything is very real. Very freestyled.”

Of course, joining ¡Mayday! for the video shoot was celebrated MC Del The Funky Homosapien.  Given the high profile guest appearance, working with him was not quite what the band might have anticipated:

New Video: ¡MAYDAY! – “I’ll Be Gone”

Here’s the official video for “I’ll Be Gone” – from the upcoming ¡MAYDAY! album Stuck On An Island.
Directed and Edited By Jokes
Co-Directed By ¡MAYDAY!

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More credits:
Director of photography: Ricardo Manavello
Assistant camera: Aldo Mendivil
Produced By Andrea Casales & ¡MAYDAY!
Special Thanks To Mickey Munday & Joseph Cinnante of Last Rights Inc.

More often than not, in music and in life, you never realize what’s in front of you until it’s gone….