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Wrekonize — Groundwork (Remix) (Feat. Co$$, Akrobatik, Ras Kass, Rudi Goblen, & Saheed)

Wrek brought the squad in on this one!!!! It’s the remix to the Stro produced banger Groundwork featuring Co$$, Akrobatik, Ras Kass, Rudi Goblen, & Saheed……

Original Version on The Wrekonize LP “A Soiree For Skeptics” —- GET IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Soiree For Skeptics

When i was signed to Southbeat I recorded some 50 odd records for what i later shaved down to 14 for my first official album. With the fall of the label, my album never saw the light of day besides the few hundred people that got the leak offline. I always felt it was for a reason and after picking up new tools of the trade over the years i’ve realized that i feel the music i’m making now is much more representative of who I am. So, while on break from working on projects with ¡MAYDAY, I took some of the early material (where I was exploring putting more singing into the music) and recorded some newer tracks for what would become “A Soiree For Skeptics”. It’s a 20 track 61 minute journey through the last few years of my music and outlook on the world and life and all that good shit. It features a few songs that date back a couple years at least and a few songs that are barely a month or two old. I feel the album ranges from my roots in the hip hop I first started making to the more diverse sounds i’ve been exploring with ¡MAYDAY!. Over the last few years I’ve dropped a few free mixtapes and given away the album that got shelved. Today, there’s a couple ways you can support me and this project and they don’t all involve $$$……..

*The project is being debuted on the very popular blog 2DOPEBOYZ……I need everyone who digs the project and wants to show their support to head over there and leave a comment on the post to show 2BZ it was a project worth supporting.

*The Project goes up today on Itunes with other digital retailers to follow shortly. Check out the Itunes version and if you have an account leave your thoughts there for your boy!!

*If you want to support me directly and skip the middle man head over to BANDCAMP where you can download a digital copy of the album by naming your price or purchase a Digi Pack Disc to be shipped out to you starting next week.

*Lastly I’ll have digi packs in a week or so with the incredible artwork done by Jeff Dekal so if you catch a live show come grab one for wherever you might still be listening to cd’s these days!!

Thanks to 2 Dope Boyz & my last rights family for supporting and presenting the album.

Thanks to everybody who took part in the project including my brothers from ¡MAYDAY!…….and my deepest thanks to everyone who has been a fan of the music I been putting out into the universe since the first cd i recorded in a friends garage in what now seems like a thousand years ago and a million songs later.


Wrekonize (of ¡Mayday!) – “GroundWork”

Here’s the first leak from Wrekonize’s upcoming album A Soiree For Skeptics:

Groundwork – Produced by Stro (of the Procussions)